HR Strategy

Having worked with private, franchised and third sector clients with anywhere from a handful to over a thousand employees , we have learnt that every business, big or small, has a strategy for growth. However, what we have often identified is that we can easily forget our people.

Employee engagement and satisfaction

  • Benchmarking the satisfaction of your workforce utilising employee engagement
  • Find out what you are doing well from your employees perspective
  • Recommendations for improvement

Communication strategy

  • Assessing how well you communicate with your employees
  • Helping your improve your internal communication strategy
  • Find out what your employees want to know and how they would like to be
    communicated with
  • Assisting drafting employee friendly communications

Reward and recognition

  • Carrying our an assessment of your current strategy
  • Providing recommendation for improvement
  • Benchmarking your current benefit

People Planning

  • Assessing your employees with your business strategy in mind
  • Identifying any skills gaps which may affect your growth
  • Assisting recruit the right people to help take your business forward
  • Making sure your employees can deliver your business strategy to maximise
    business growth